It has been my honor to serve as your city councilmember for the last three years. From the bringing good jobs to our city, to improving our transportation options, and keeping our streets safe, I am committed to building on our success and making our city an even better place to live.

Safe families, safe communities

Public safety must be our number one priority. To keep our families safe, I believe that we need to get police officers out of their care and engaging more with the community. By hearing the concerns and getting to know our neighbors and neighborhoods believe the City can do a better job of responding to and preventing crime.

Attracting and retaining good jobs
As Renton continues to grow and change, we need to make sure that we are attracting quality employers to our city. Good jobs are a foundation of a strong community and by developing a strong local economy, we will be able to work where we live.

Moving us around the region
As the Chair of Renton’s Transportation Committee, I have been hard at work to provide transportation options to all. I, like many of you, am tired of getting stuck in the traffic that surrounds us. I will continue to fight to relieve our traffic woes and get you out of your car and home with your family.